Dr. Gregory M. Cario

Medicine, and in particular women's health, continues to go through very rapid and exciting change. Obstetrics and gynaecology has become part of an age of new technology, minimally invasive surgery and outpatients' surgery with techniques and treatments changing day by day. The Internet, with its global information explosion beamed directly into your own home, allows you to take advantage of all the new treatment strategies and surgeries as they develop all over the world. We also strongly believe that one of the most important things to occur in modern medicine is the new concept of customer service. It is a challenging time and we are putting in place the practice team to meet this challenge.

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Hurstville Office:     

                                                                           Hurstville Private Hospital                                  

Suite 2 Level 1                                   

37 Gloucester Road  

Hurstville  NSW  2220     

(02) 9579 3110

Kogarah Office:                                                                           St George Private Hospital                                                    Suite 5 Level 3                                                                            1 South Street                                                                       Kogarah  NSW  2217                                                             (02) 9533 7411     













Macquarie University Office:

Suite 302 Level 3

2 Technology Place

Macquarie University

Ryde  NSW  2109

(02) 9887 8899